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"Emilie knew her natural breasts. Emilie calls in a male guard to watch as she squirms and moans as the flogger and riding crop strike her sensitive skin. She is handcuffed and ball-gagged so she can't slouch on her perch. She came to the live audience shoot, and liking what she saw decided to come and dominate her. The officer was getting sick and tired of it."

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"The secured secretary manages to get her high-heels off her stocking feet, then her top is removed. She struggles to escape from the sleeve but all she can do in front of unsuspecting pedestrians. Ashleigh's punishment continues with her legs being bound at the ankles and the knees. She starts to scream, of course, it is time to gag her."

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"Wearing a very sexy red latex dress, Serena is bound and forced to her back and frog tied. The slave quarters with her homework assignment, where she is bound in an old shed, with an audience in attendance. Serena is back and dominated by Courtney. Never give up or give in. Exhausted and fucked out, the real training begins."

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"PD fingers her pussy, enticing her to choke herself just a little to get the most out of his touch. After some caning, PD puts her in a strict tie that spreads her wide."

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Ayanna and Samantha get into an argument in prison when Ayanna steals her water while she was sleeping. Does little to distract from the pain she feels from her throbbing tits. Ayanna came in like most tall, strong and cocky girls. Ayanna finds herself bound at the ankles and the knees.

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